Experience and Projects

Here is a list of my experiences and latest projects in web development. These projects are my own personal side projects, not school related.

👔Job experience

  • FireSafe - developer (currently)

    Started - September 2022

    I am a developer, with main focus on developing applications with Microsoft Power Apps and Dynamics 365 Portals.

✍️Freelance projects

  • Created a online React course

    🔗 Link: React course

    I created an online course were I teach React to beginners. This course is hosted on the popular e-learning platform Utdannet.no.

  • Online course web app

    🔗 Link (still under development): JTI online


    • Next.js
    • SCSS
    • Strapi

    This is a web app were a client is showcasing and selling an online course in the field of psychology.

  • Mobile app for calculating energy optimization within pipes in buildings

    🔗 Link: Under development, not on App Store yet.


    • React Native
    • Expo

    This app helps consultants/project managers and architects with calculating in an easy and efficient manner.

🙋🏽‍♂️Personal projects

  • Web app for planning, organizing and optimizing learning new skills.

    🔗 Link: Self Taught


    • React
    • Typescript
    • Strapi

    In this app, you can create a learning path and turn big goals into smaller pieces, while also helping you utilizing the new skills in projects. This app is designed for learning web development, but works in other areas as well.

  • A marketplace for buying and selling used children clothes

    🔗 Link: Baby Fadder


    • Next.js
    • Typescript
    • Material UI
    • Strapi

    Here you can create a user, upload products to sell and find clothes to buy from others.