I just got offered a web dev job.

How I landed my first job in the industry.

It started 2,5 years ago

It’s been almost three years since I wrote me first line of code.

2,5 years ago I signed up for a private school when I was 25 years old. I got accepted into the front end development course, which is 2 years long (I did the first year part time, so in reality the first year was 2 years).

Around 1,5 year ago, I started to apply for jobs. I basically applied to anything that had to do with front end. After around 90 company’s, I ended up with 7 interviews. 5 code tests. 3 second time interviews. 1 job offer.

How I got the job

I have a brother that works as a project manager (non IT position) for this company. Two weeks ago, I ask him about his job and if he had something that I might be able to help with. He told me about a problem they had with a web application they are using. And I said I could fix that, no problem.

He then went to his boss to ask if me fixing the problem would be a possibility, but then the boss wanted me for an interview to another position in the company.

The interview

I went on an interview a week later, which was a really good talk. No technical grilling, just a normal conversation. He was a cool and nice guy, with clear and firm boundaries and expectations.

He said that the most important quality he was looking for, was attitude. He did not want somebody who “knew everything”. He wanted somebody who was willing and hungry to learn. He said he was going to throw me into the deep water, and that’s the best way to learn.

It’s funny, because in almost every job description, they all list the same thing.

“ The most important thing is that you are willing to learn”

And all the YouTube guys say the same thing. But I just can’t believe until I experience for my self. That’s humans.

After the interview, he offered me the position a few days later.

The job

The job itself is basically developing apps with the Microsoft power platforms (power apps, portal and dataverse). This is mainly a lowcode job.

Now, this is maybe not the standard “dreamjob” for a front end developer. But for me, this is perfect. I get a “softer” start in the industry when it domes to the technical side, while getting all the experience outside of coding. Like meetings, cross team collaborating, learning new technology, and just being around people in the same space that I want to be in.

Thoughts going into the job

I am starting the job in 2 weeks. Until then I have a some time to prepare myself for the job and what I will be doing. But I’m still nervous and anxious about the whole experience. The people, the job, the lifestyle. At the same time, I am really exited. This is the beginning of a new career for me, and I am incredibly happy for the opportunity.

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